Where to Find Quality Aluminum Mirror Sheet Suppliers & Wholesalers in China

Also known as polished aluminum mirror sheets, or mirror finish anodized aluminum, aluminum mirror sheet is one of the most important inputs in diverse industries. The sheets are available in a wide range of thickness, quality of reflection and meeting the varied requirements of industrial applications.

Aluminum mirror sheets are gaining popularity in recent years. There are many aluminum sheet suppliers globally but the China-based ones are the most important ones of them, Yocon Aluminum Is the leading company. we will discuss here Where to find quality Aluminum Mirror Sheet suppliers & wholesalers in China.

The process

Mirror aluminum sheets are so called because such aluminum sheets look akin to the mirror and give the mirror effect. This is brought out by rolling, fine grinding and a variety of methods. Generally, the mirror aluminum plates are rolled to make roll materials are sheets.

Types of mirror aluminum sheets

The mirror aluminum sheet is a generic time and according to the surface polish level, it can be classified into three categories, namely 800 standard polish 850 polish and 890 for high polish depending on the surface processing methods.

Benefits of mirror aluminum

The diverse benefits of aluminum mirror sheets are that it is not affected by oil stain, dent, breaks, roll mars, corrosion dirt streaks. The sheets are lightweight and durable have a reflective rate between 75% to 86%.

Yocon Aluminum IndustryWhere-to-find-quality-Aluminum-Mirror-Sheet-suppliers-&-wholesalers-in-China--YACLUMINUM

Located out of New & high Technology Zone of Jining City, Shandong Province, China, Yocon aluminum industry Co., was founded in 2003. Yocon Aluminum Industry Co leads the Aluminum Mirror Sheet Suppliers globally.

The company is engaged in manufacturing Aluminum Coil, Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Embossed Plate, Household Aluminum Foil, and Aluminum Mirror Plate. Spread over an area of 100,00 square meters, the company is endowed skilled workforce over 2, 000 in diverse areas as engineers, sand technical personnel, and workers.

The deep processed products that are made by the company include aluminum oxide board, air-conditioner refrigerator evaporator, cable foil decorative building material, aluminum foil, condenser and the like.

These products find wide application in making household appliances, transportation, electronic communication, food packing, medicine, building materials, and other industries.

Customer and quality – the priority

The company has high-quality testing and production equipment made Italy, Germany, Japan, and other advanced countries. The company adopts a mix of domestic and overseas production techniques and makes the product by consistently following the quality norms, to ensure the best quality, performance and accuracy thickness.

The company is committed to bringing the best to the customer by following the quality norms by adopting a professional sport, expanding the field of aluminum processing and ensuring faster, better presale, sale and best service to the customer.

Looking forward

The company adopts a new strategy and in the expansion path for mercerization, scientific management, adopting forward-looking business philosophy, and continuous innovation to meet the challenges that are upcoming.

The company is committed to offering their best quality product and services to the existing and new customers to ensure brilliant prospects for the customers as well as the company consequently.

If you ‘re looking for a quality aluminum mirror sheet manufacturer, choose Yocon Aluminum Industry, the leader among Aluminum Sheet China Manufacturers, You can contact the company by email. Alternatively, visit the official website and fill out the Contact Us form and click submit. The company will get back to you at the earliest.