Introduction of Mirror color coated aluminum coil

1. Gold Silver Mirror Polished Aluminum Coil Simple Description
This series product used the physical rolling polished working process, let the high purity aluminum plate with about 82% reflectance,then use our brand UV painting covered the aluminum plate surface. 

2. Gold Silver Mirror Polished Aluminum Coil Advantages
1) Rich color, brush style can be make base on OEM
2) Strong bending, fit for subsequent printing process
3) Finger print resistance and very easy to clean
4) Anti-corrosion,durable
5) Light character and better formability
6) Anti scratch with high surface hardness

3.Gold Silver Mirror Polished Aluminum Coil Application
1) Lighting: Such as grille lamp, lampshade, grille, diffuser of fluorescent lamp
2) Reflector plate of solar energy
3) Exterior of construction
4) Interior decoration, such as aluminum buckle plate, ceiling, curtain wall
5) Elevator
6) Nameplate
7) The face panel of household appliance, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc. 

4.Gold Silver Mirror Polished Aluminum Coil Packing and Shipping
1) Standard seaworthy export packing, wooden pallets with plastics protection ;
2) 16-20MT can be loaded into 20 foot container
3) the packing is very strong, which has 3 lays, thick fiber, foam,plastic, put enough drying agent.

Parameters of Mirror color coated aluminum coil

F processing state
H strain hardening state
O annealing
T heat treatment state
H112 pure state of strain hardening, adjustment has been made to degree of strain hardening and annealing
T4 solid solution treatment and natural efficiency to achieve sufficient stability condition
T5 artificial aging condition of the reentry after high temperature thermal cooling 
T6 artificial aging state after solid solution treatment
1. Exterior applications: wall cladding, facades, roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations
2. Interior applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies
3. Advertisement and market applications: display platforms, signboards, fascia and shop fronts