Best Medicine Aluminium Foil For Pharmaceutical Industry

Best Medicine Aluminium Foil For Pharmaceutical Industry

YICON Introduction

The use of aluminum dates back to almost a century ago. It was populous in the early 1900s for leg bands to identify pigeon racing due to its shiny appearance. However, the use of aluminum has over the years and of date; the list is almost countless helping to improve both our lives and products. One of the major industrial use of aluminum is making aluminum foils, which are used in packaging of medicine. This is because; the aluminum foil is a complete barrier to oxygen, light, bacteria, and moisture.

What companies provide this foil?

Below is an outline of the best and most efficient company in China to provide the best quality aluminum foil not only for the pharmaceutical industry but also any other necessity that needs any type of aluminum foil, think no further than Shandong Yicon Aluminum Co. Ltd as described below.Best Medicine Aluminium Foil For Pharmaceutical Industry

About Shandong Yicon Aluminum Co. Ltd

With its full establishment in 2003, Shandong Yicon Aluminum Co. Ltd has scaled heights to become a vast and professional aluminum product producing company. Some of its products include aluminum strip, foil, sheet, and other coated materials. Other deep processed products of aluminum include cable foils, aluminum-decorating foil for buildings, air conditioner foil, aluminum oxide board, aluminum condenser, and air conditioner refrigerator evaporator among many other more.

The company imports its raw materials and testing equipment from Germany, Japan, Italy, and other countries. The technology used is both homemade in china and from abroad to ensure quality is at a peak that meets the customers need for product performance, thickness, and accuracy. The company is also ISO certified (ISO9002) and currently implementing ERP management. The customer is always at the center of everything they do and are assures you – the customer of better and faster pre-sale, sale and customer service.

The company is located in Jining City, which is a new and highly technologized zone in Shandong Province. Below are just but some of the aluminum foil products the company offers, starting from the pharmaceutical industry.

Aluminum Foil Products and their Features

Aluminum Pharmaceutical Foil

The specifications of this product are:Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil

Alloy – 1235, 8011

Temper – O, H18

Thickness – 0.0065 to 0.046mm

Tolerance – +/- 4%

Width – 100-1220mm

Coil ID – 75,150

Adhesive Tape Aluminum Foil

This type of aluminum foil has a backing coated with a non-conductive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The use of this soft aluminum foil with acrylic adhesive is a mask during stripping on aircraft; another use is that can mask you during electro-plating. It is also used in the repair of aluminum sheet panels.

Air Condition Aluminum Foil

An air conditioning foil is used in the manufacture of air conditioners that are typically heat exchangers. They have a special material known as fins that are air conditioners hence are used in the packaging of vegetable and meat foil. It used because the aluminum foil is hydrophilic and does not corrode hence keep the food fresh. The foil also has water in the fins surface hence preventing any condensation of cleavage water.

Aluminum Cable Foil

In the case of electric cables, the aluminum foil provides long-term insulation against any form of precipitation, especially rain. Aluminum also does not corrode nor rust; therefore, regardless of being below or above the ground, no harm can happen to the cable. It also acts as an insulator to the frequencies of radio and magnet emitted from the associated cable. It also does not react with most elements hence any risk of accidents is minimal.

Aluminum Cigarette Packing Foil

Aluminum foil is used because it works as an effective barrier against moisture and any transmission of the aroma hence it maintains the scent of tobacco in the cigar. It also protects the tobacco from any type of deterioration and acts as septic against bacteria, therefore, sustaining in areas of microclimate.

Household Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil can be used in the household for many amazing things from cooking to packaging food. It is used in the kitchen to roast poultry and meat this is to make the meal shrink. Cooking delicacies such as vegetables and fish. It is also used to protect meat and poultry from any burns. It is also used in fridges as containers by wrapping it. It is also used in sealing saucepans to retain the steam.

Food Container Aluminum Foil

Wrapping almost any type of food in a foil container increases its durability by almost infinity times. The foil container can also take up any type of food, hot or cold, chilling or freezing. The containers are easy to store and rarely stink enabling you to keep your distribution and retailing at its peak.

Lidding Using Aluminum Foil

Aluminum is unreactive to most chemicals thus it can be used as a lid to bottles and containers by double rolling the aluminum foil making it a separation agent hence gives a hand in preserving freshness.

Battery Shell of Aluminum Foil

The battery shell of the lithium-ion battery is made from aluminum foil due to the optimum length, aesthetic value and safe to use making a greater demand in the market not forgetting it is unreactive thus does not react with the cells of the lithium battery. It also does not allow any pores in the lithium battery hence very much durable. All this makes the battery eco-friendly.

Milk Cap and Beer Mark Aluminium Foil

Aluminum offers a good barrier and is anti-moisture proof in milk with one side being bright while the other dull, this is a product of aluminum alloy foil making the chemical components and properties retain the original taste and feel.

Aluminum foil is also used to bottle the neck of beers and other champagnes making the bottle gain more aesthetic value and authenticity. It is also a mark of the drink being quality and adds so much on the visual prestige.

Other uses of aluminum foil are used in single zero aluminum foil and double zero aluminum foil not forgetting hookah shisha aluminum foil which protects the charcoal heat from the tobacco. This type of shisha is the best seller in Middle East countries.


For this and many more aluminum products such as aluminum sheets, color coated, and aluminum coil, do not hesitate to inquire from Shandong Yicon Company and all your demands will be catered for at a completely new professional and exceptional level.

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