How To Find PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Company in China

How To Find PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Company in China

Finding a reliable and reputed Aluminum and Coil Company in China might not be easy for many due to the availability of wide options.

When the options are many, it is difficult to find the best one without proper research. More importantly, when all the companies have more than a decade experience, it might make us think twice before zeroing on one. If you are looking for one of the best-coated aluminum suppliers in China, you can consider YCALUMINUM Company. There are many reasons for having a closer look at this company and we share some of the few positive take aways that make them a reliable and reputed service provider.YOCON Aluminum Supplier

This company has earned a good reputation in the industry for manufacturing the best quality PVDF color aluminum coil in China. You can expect a wide variety of products to meet your unique needs. YCALUMINUM Company leads the industry with quality products and craftsmanship.

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The following article will focus on the company, its products, and PVDF coating.

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YCALUMINUM Company has more than one decade of experience in this industry. During this decade and a half journey, it has succeeded to dominate the industry with the quality material and a wide range of products. The company works to offer a customized solution to people all over. It does not matter whether you need an aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminum foil paper, or color coated aluminum, it has a solution for you. In brief, you can say that it can meet most of your aluminum needs. Hence, it is not surprising that this company is often considered to be the single-stop solution for anything and everything that is related to aluminum. Company is trying really seriously in this regard and getting some real success as well.

The company came into existence in 2003. Currently, it has more than 2000 workers, technicians, and engineers. It is located in the New &high Technology Zone of Jining City, Shandong Province and covers an area of the 100, 000 square meters. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the company has a sterling track-record of quality workforce, good manufacturing facilities and other such important attributes.

YCALUMINUM Company always focuses more on the quality products to win the trust of its customers. They know that they cannot secure their place in the industry and dominate their competitors without winning the trust of their customers. Therefore, they are striving hard to fulfill the demands of customers with the best quality products.How To Find PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Company in China

Customers Come First

YCALUMINUM Company’s objective revolves around the customer. First, they go through all the demands of customers and then they take adequate steps to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their product and service. They can get that satisfaction since all their products have created a mark in the industry.

The company not only tries hard to build a trustworthy and lasting relationship with their existing customers, but they also take all the required steps to win and grab the attention of new customers. The decade experience has made them understand their customers and their demands. They know each customer is different so their unique needs. However, they understand that they can win all the customers with a few simple principles that include quality products, craftsmanship, and lasting result. They combine all these to become the first choice in the aluminum industry.

Even if you will get the best products, you can expect a competitive and market price. Their products are available at a competitive price with the best quality material. Therefore, as a customer you can expect that you will be able to get good value for money. It also needs to be borne in mind that in their quest for being reasonable in their pricing, they have never believed in offering products that are low in quality as far as materials and workmanship are concerned.


As stated earlier, you can expect a wide range of products. The company is popular for manufacturing different types of aluminum products. You will find PDVF color aluminum. This product is manufactured with aluminum coil or sheet and then it is processed by a color coating. It is made using the best of manufactured standards where each and every step is properly taken care of and nothing is left to chance.

There are two types of the prepainted aluminum coil. These are PE and PVDF. Both these are mostly used in aluminum veneer, aluminum plate, aluminum ceiling, scrap, electronics, and many other products. Prepainted aluminum is more popular than other steel prepainted aluminum coil. The reason behind this popularity is its excellent property.

The property is very stable and the surface is also erosion resistant. The company can offer you around thirty years warranty after special treatment. Also, the density of the material is the lowest once the volume is fixed. All these benefits of the prepainted aluminum coil make it the first choice for the different types of products and industries.

When it comes to products, you can expect many different types. The company is popular for manufacturing the following key products.

· Aluminum coil

· Aluminum sheet

· Aluminum foil

· Color coated aluminum

You will get different types of products in all these categories. You can have a look at their website to know more about the available products and their unique features.


· The coating adhesive is not lower than the first-grade impact. There will not be any crack as well

· The core diameters of the coils are 150mm, 405mm, 505mm, 508mm, and 510mm

· The bending strength is > 100 times

· The boiling point does not cause any distortion and discoloration1414640767

· Color is not eyeballing

· Pencil hardness is > 2HB

· Width is < 180mm

· Thickness is 0.08-1.5mm

Quality of the Products

The quality of the YCALUMINUM products is unparalleled. The company is known for its best quality, the market price, and lasting result.

All the products are designed to last long. YCALUMINUM uses the latest technologies and advanced equipment to offer the best possible solution to customers. The products go through strict testing to meet products thickness, performance, and accuracy. The company has passed the ISO9002 certification in 2001. Also, it has received many certificates that prove the credibility of the company and the reliability of products.

All these and more go in making YCALUMINUM products as one of the best service providers in the field of aluminum. They have been able to weather many storms and have been able to stand above competition always because of the quality of their products.

The Objective of the Company

The company works to offer a customized solution to customers. YCALUMINUM products can be used in different types of industries including electronics, transportation, building material, medicine, decorative, food packaging, printing, and household materials. All these products are well made and can serve your interests for a long time.


YCALUMINUM has proved itself as an undisputed leader in the aluminum industry through its quality products and latest technologies. You can rely on this company for your aluminum needs. As all these products have gone through strict testing, you can expect a durable result regardless of the type of products you are purchasing.

How To Find PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Company in China

How To Find PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Company in China

Finding a reliable and reputed Aluminum and Coil Company in China…