Best Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheets Suppliers in China

Best Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheets Suppliers in China

The term mirror aluminum sheet is a generic term and connotes the metal sheet. It is named according to the extent of polish and is divided into three classes, namely 800 standard polish, 850 high polish, and 890 super-high polish. The classification is as the surface processing methods.Best Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheets Suppliers in China

Polished aluminum mirror sheet

Polished aluminum mirror sheet connotes mirror aluminum sheet having been imported a polishing process. polishing involves making an aluminum sheet piece clean and bright enough to reflect light by mechanical friction.

Benefits of polished aluminum mirror sheet

There are multiple benefits of using aluminum mirror sheet.

  • It is free stains – oil or any other sort, dent, scratches stain and beaks.
  • It is corrosion-resistant and is free from roll marks, streaks of dirt and any sort of defect.
  • It is easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface. The metal is light and enables saving energy and environmental protection.

Choose a reliable aluminum sheet manufacturer

To get high-quality Polished aluminum mirror sheet, it is important to look for a reliable Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer who would supply the material on time consistently at competitive prices. There are quite a few aluminum sheet manufacturers in the world. Yet choose one from China. Remember to choose Yicon Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd.

Yicon Aluminum Industry

Founded in 2003, the Yicon Aluminum Industry has an expanse of 1000acres, with registered capital of 365 million yuan. The China-based company has all kinds of technical and professional personnel accounting for over 30% of the total number of employees engaged in diverse aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, solid plate and process products as per the requirement of customers.

The company has invested close to US$1.6 billion and has 5,000 employees. Total annual turnover is 4000,000 MT as of today.

Products made by the company

The China aluminum factory of the company is among the best in the world with its technical equipment and process practices. The principal products made by the company include aluminum sheet, foil, strip and coating material, processes products like aluminum oxide board, air condition foil, cable foil, decorative building material, condensers and the like.

The rounds are critical inputs in diverse household appliances and other industries.

The company has the main production and testing equipment are imported from Italy, Germany and Japan and other countries.

The company uses a suitable blend of home and important technologies to make the product of high quality following stringent quality testing norms.


The company has been customer-centric by making the quality of the product and service as the yardstick. With this, the company is following modern and innovative management and methods to stay ahead of the competition.

Commitment to offering the best quality service

Since inception Yicon has been following forward-looking philosophy, scientific management and continuous innovation mechanism to meet the needs of clients. The new company extends cooperation to the existing as well as new clients offering high-quality service on time accruing the best value to customers’ money.


If you’re looking for a great, reliable, and knowledgeable polished aluminum mirror sheet manufacturer for your small business, choose Yicon Aluminum Industry. The quality of the products and services, the commitment to values, and close customer support makes it a sensible portion. To contact the company send them an email. Or, fill in the Contact Us form on the official website and click Submit’.