Aluminium Foil Container Production Line 60T

Aluminium Foil Container Production Line 60T

1. This press is a strong and stable press with 60T capacity, and it has a huge bedplate for mould sitting.

2. The large bedplate is equipped with a huge mould lifter with adjustable position to facilitate changing the moulds and adapting to the different dimensions of them.

3. A big expansion shaft is equipped with this machine, and the shaft is driven by an available speed motor to unwind the coil as required by the speed and cycle rate of the electronic feeder on the press.

4. The height of the feeding system is adjustable to match the strip height of the mould currently in use of the press. The length controller can control the feeding step and speed accurately.

5. There are lots of air connections with pressure regulators, which provide easy mould set-up.

6. It can run medium container mould in multi-cavities and large container mould in single or double cavities.

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