Chocolate Packaging Aluminum Foil  China Suppliers

It has many kinds of styles, such as laminated paper, corrugated foil sheet, embossed roll, embossed foil sheets, and pop-up foil sheets. 

It has Multi -color pattern, beautiful design. Convenient, easy to use, and environmental protection, is your best choice for your life.

The precise equipment, advanced technology and stable quality are our guarantee to supply you with our good products and service. 

The goods have colorful appearance, great varieties, and we can produce all kinds of product as to your request, can print your own logo or picture on the product. 

Our profession team and color coating production line can do customize printing on the surface of foil by using food grade ink(SGS food grade test passed). 

In the past decade, we have done designing, printing for hundreds of worldwide customers who are willing to add personality into their products.

Pure Colored Aluminum Foil Sheet 0.02mm x 250mm x 220 mm, 0.012mm x 82.5mm x 82.5mm,etc
Pure Colored Aluminum Foil Roll 0.012mm x 82mm, 0.012mm x 85mm,etc
Laminated Aluminum Foil Roll 0.011mm+32g x 85mm;0.007mm+30g x 65mm,etc
Laminated Aluminum Foil Sheet 0.012mm+40g x 150mm x 190mm,etc
Corrugated Aluminum Foil Sheet 0.022mm x 500mm x 700mm,etc