Aluminium foil container introduction

Household aluminium foil products light weight products meet national standards for food hygiene. And easy to recycle, not during processing of harmful substances and don’t  pollute the renewable resources. More products for the airline food and cake, food retail, update speed consumption of moose. For bulk sale, cake food store cooked foods and packaging foil package. Product market wider, wider popularity.

Our production of aluminium foil container is not only in line with the national health standard for food containers, is more adapted to the current international trend of environmental protection. Products can be placed directly on a gas furnace heating and microwave oven for baking without fear of danger, brings us great convenience.

Used aluminium foil packaging can be recycled, reduced pollution, saves resources, is a good choice. Under the background of the growing concern for environmental protection, the packaging material is developed rapidly in recent years, many enterprises have alreday begun to seize the market, unlimited broad prospects in the future.

Aluminium foil container scope application

Widely used in aviation food, home cooking and a large chain of cake shops. Main Applications : food cooking, baking, freezing, etc.

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Cake Baking

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Party Dinner

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Out-door Barbecue

Aluminium foil container scope Advantages

1. Environmental health materials: Uses aluminum foil material which can be recycled to solve white pollution problems such as the difficult melted disposable plastic, so let us enjoy the low carbon life.

2. Uses convenient and health: Applicate to various cooking methods and can be hold various types of food, There is need not to change any container from the refrigerator to oven.

3. Save Cost: Aluminum foil container with light weight, it is not only easy to take away, and also the price is very competitive.

4. Functions: Mainly used in aviation catering, cakes bakery, barbecues. Also can be used in hotels, business organizations, schools and other kinds of disposable food product packing.

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